• Experience exchange meeting

    On May 27, 2019, the Human Rights House hosted in Zagreb the V-start experience exchange meeting. The objective of the meeting was to gather experts and stakeholders from the participating countries in order to share knowledge, experience and expertise on the protection of victims of hate crimes. The meeting included 4 panels: First panel: Status […]

  • V-Start video is online!

    A 3 minutes video animation to tell victims of and witnesses to hate crimes that are not alone and that they can seek professional help and advice in a victim support service has been launched in the four countries of the project. The video is subtitled in English, Croatian, German and Italian and illustrates possible […]

  • Fifth local network meeting in Croatia

    The fifth meeting was held on 13th December 2019 at the Faculty of Law in Split in cooperation with the Ombudsman’s Office within the round table “Economic status as a barrier to access to justice – the problems of free legal aid”. The main focus of the meeting was entirely on the system of free legal aid […]

  • Fourth local network meeting in Italy

    The meeting took place on 4th December within the CILD Fest, the day of civil liberties organized by the Italian Coalition for Freedom and Civil Rights . A moment of debate and exchange between civil society organizations and citizens through meetings, workshops and round tables. During two working sessions, the member organizations discussed about the […]

  • Research reports have been published!

    The V-START research reports on support systems for victims of hate crimes in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Italy are available now. The reports document the findings of a research carried out in all four project countries and focus in particular on the protection of victims of racist and homophobic hate crimes. You will find all four reports – in […]

  • Fifth local network meeting in Austria

    On Monday, December 3rd 2018, the network ‘to shed light on hate crime’ met for the fifth and last network time for the year 2018, organised in the framework of V-START – Victim Support Through Awareness-Raising and neTworking. After four meetings, the fifth meeting was meant to discuss the phenomenon of hate crime from different perspectives, to […]

  • Fourth local network meeting in Croatia

    In order to improve knowledge and support for victims, to strengthen the role of CSOs and public victim support service and to create an efficient link among main stakeholders, a meeting was held in Split County Court on 29th November 2018. The meeting was attended by 5 participants representatives of non-governmental organizations providing victim support as well as […]

  • Third local network meeting in Croatia

    The third CSO meeting in Croatia  focused on providing free primary legal aid, as a crucial part of victim support system. Although a free legal aid system is established in order to enable socially and economically vulnerable category of citizens to access professional legal assistance in order to achieve effective legal protection and access to […]

  • Being Black in the EU

    ‘Being Black in the EU’, a report published by FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency) reveals the many challenges black people face. Racial harassment: 30% of respondents say they have been racially harassed in the last five years; 5% have been physically attacked. Member States should therefore make greater efforts to better support victims of racism and to properly […]

  • First local network meeting in Germany

    The V-Start Project and its results from the Country Report Germany had been presented and discussed at the Qualitätszirkel Kommunale Integrationspolitik at the Difu Berlin on Nov 7, 2018. During the discussion, the report had been explicitly appreciated by the participants (head of municipal integration departments, senior experts from foundations and research institutions); in particular, […]