About the project


V-Start focuses on the implementation of the EC Directive 2012/29/EU establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime.

V-Start´s main goal is

  • to strengthen victims’ awareness of support services,
  • making it easier for them to access existing legal remedies and protect their fundamental rights.

The project also aims at

  • improving the system of support services for victims of hate crimes,
  • enhancing knowledge and skills of professionals,
  • linking up support services, CSOs and legal practitioners,
  • promoting cooperation and exchange amongst them. 


This project targets groups of victims of hate crimes and organizations advocating for their rights, namely: migrants – in particular undocumented ones, asylum seekers and refugees, Roma people and LGBTIQ persons. A particular attention will be paid to refugees and asylum seekers who are at the moment among the most vulnerable victims of hate motivated offences across Europe.


The main activities and outputs of the project include

  • A study in each country to map and outline the characteristics of national systems of victim support services and to identify ways of improving assistance and support for victims of hate crimes.
  • Local networks of CSOs dealing with discrimination and hate crimes and offering victims support will create an exchange mechanism among the main stakeholders, in order to improve their knowledge base and victims support activities.
  • Training courses for CSOs, public services, legal practitioners and police officers will be conducted and four manuals will be compiled to enhance knowledge and skills of professionals working with real or potential victims of hate crimes.
  • Information and awareness raising campaigns, including four practical guides for real and potential victims of hate crimes, to spread information about support services and increase awareness about available assistance, support and legal resources, will be conducted.

From August 2017 to July 2019


Participating countries