Experience exchange meeting

On May 27, 2019, the Human Rights House hosted in Zagreb the V-start experience exchange meeting. The objective of the meeting was to gather experts and stakeholders from the participating countries in order to share knowledge, experience and expertise on the protection of victims of hate crimes. The meeting included 4 panels:

First panel: Status Quo – The phenomenon of hate crime in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Italy.

The first panel discussion revolved around the findings of the research and other V-START project activities as well as the situation of hate crimes in general in each country.

Second panel: Investigating and prosecuting hate crimes: exchanging on obstacles, challenges and good practices

The second panel brought together a representative of law enforcement agencies, human rights lawyers and NGO representatives, to discuss concerns, obstacles, challenges and good practices in combating hate crimes.

Third panel: Victim support: addressing prejudices and stereotypes in supporting victims of bias motivated crimes.

This panel will consisted of practitioners and representatives of public institutions and CSOs, primarily working in the field of hate crime victims’ support. This panel revolved around accessibility of the victim support system in each country and the practical day-to-day work with victims of hate crimes.

Fourth panel: The role of CSOs in supporting victims of hate crimes

This panel focused on the role of civil society organisations in combating hate crimes. CSO representatives will share their experiences in providing support to hate crime victims, individuals as well as groups or communities more frequently affected by hate crimes.

For more information: agenda of the meeting