Third local network meeting in Austria

The third local network meeting in Austria within the project V-START – Victim Support Through Awareness Raising and neTworking took place on September 24th2018 at the office of Antidiscrimination Office Styria. The network meeting was organized by ZARA in cooperation with its local network partners – WEISSER RING (victim protection) and the Antidiscrimination Office Styria. 29 representatives of 19 different organizations took further steps to strengthen an effective, trans-sectoral network and thereby form a common lobby for those affected by hate crime and generally for more visibility and awareness about hate crime in Austria. The participating group consisted of persons working in the fields of victim support, victim protection, counselling, human rights, LGBTIQ rights, antidiscrimination and education.

During the this meeting the manifold of organizations with different focal points got together, with a clear common interest in strengthening, expanding and developing support mechanisms for those affected by hate crime, to make hate crime as phenomenon more visible. The participants focused on exchanging shared interests, discussing in small groups as well as the plenary, portraying and discussing experiences with hate crime as well with the non-recognition of hate crime.Best practice examples, common or particular hindrances as well as ideas in regards to the networks’ objectives were shared. Priorities of the network activities were formulated and strategic steps were further identified. The third network meeting placed a focus on victim-centered as well as perpetrator-centered perspectives.