Victim Support Through Awareness Raising and neTworking

A hate crime is any crime or incident which targets at a victim because of the offender’s hostility or prejudice against an identifiable group to which the victim belongs  (i.e. migrants, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ persons etc.).

Hate crimes are daily realities throughout the EU and a major challenge in countering them is the phenomenon of under-reporting of such crimes. The reasons for not reporting hate incidents include the failure to identify them as crimes, fear of retaliation, distrust of law enforcement services and the criminal justice system, lack of knowledge of support services and how to access them.

V-Start contributes to overcome these problems through the creation of national victim support networks which will improve the system of services for victims of hate crimes and make it easier for them to access existing legal remedies and protect their fundamental rights.


Racism and xenophobia
Sexual orientation / Gender identity

Hate crimes in Europe

Source: FRA 2016


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